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ROCK provides Therapy, Counselling, Assessments and Intervention based on the age of the child/youth or whether they are in school or a child care centre.

Brief Therapy
With brief therapy, often accessed through our walk-in clinics, therapists and families/individuals work together for 2-3 sessions to understand problems, explore the family’s knowledge and abilities, and together develop solutions leading to an overall improvement in the family’s relationships, their sense of themselves, and their ability to manage problems and difficulties.

Behavioural Consultation and Intervention
Consultation and intervention is available to both parents and child care staff when there is concern regarding the child's social, emotional and related behavioural challenges. Trained consultants work in the home and child care centres helping parents and caregivers understand the social, emotional and developmental needs of children. Childcare and school age staff may confidentially contact a member of the CFOSP team to discuss specific difficulties that they may be experiencing. Available to children up to age 12.

Occupational Therapy Services
Available to children over 2 registered in a licensed childcare centre. Consultation can occur in childcare centres, at home and in the community, with the goal of helping children to develop independence in daily activities (such as play, feeding and toileting). Referral through a Partner agency is required.

Group Therapy
Therapists work with groups of children or caregivers with similar needs to help them deal with specific challenges (eg. anxiety).

Intergenerational Trauma Treatment
This program is for caregivers and families of children who have experienced trauma and is designed to help caregivers understand, cope with, and resolve the impact of trauma on their child and family.

Parent Infant/Child Assessment and Therapy
This is a therapeutic service for families who are experiencing, or at risk for, serious difficulties. The goal is to build and support early parent/child relationships to restore the flow of normal growth. Using play, parents learn to read their child’s cues and understand their child’s behaviour in order to strengthen the parent/child relationship. Within this relationship, a child learns to feel secure, regulate emotions and interact socially.

Individual/Family Therapy
The therapist works with the family to help deal with problems affecting them and their child. Family Therapy helps families, or individuals within a family, understand and improve the way family members interact with each other. It enables individuals and families to develop understanding about relationships, problems and themselves to assist in making desired changes in their lives. This can lead to an overall improvement in their lives as they find ways to use their knowledge and abilities to manage struggles with current problems, immediate crises, or long-term difficulties. 

Parent-Child Anxiety Group (8-12 years)
Children learn to identify and cope with anxiety, worries and fears. Parents learn how to best support their child. Screening is required

Intensive Child and Family Services
This intensive child and family service is an in-home and/or in-community counselling and support program for children, youth and their families where there is a risk of family breakdown, harm, or loss of school placement.

Residential Services
Aberdeen House is a residential treatment facility for youth between 12 and 15 years of age. This intensive family-based treatment program is for children/youth struggling with significant mental health challenges. Referrals can be made by family professionals.

Psychology Services
Psychology assessment/consultations are considered for children and youth when there is a concern about learning development, cognitive and/or social emotional  functioning. The assessment process may consist of interviews with parents and other professions, observation, and individual testing.

Ontario Autism Program (OAP)
If your child or youth has a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) from a qualified professional, you are eligible to receive services in the Ontario Autism Program (OAP). These services will be flexible, individualized and family-centred, and based on a clinical assessment of your child’s or youth’s unique needs. Services are not defined by your child’s age or the severity of their autism. All behavioural services delivered in the OAP are evidence based and integrate best research evidence into the decision making process. 

Independent Clinical Review Process:

The new Independent Clinical Review Process (ICR) for the Ontario Autism Program (OAP) is now available. The ICR offers families and their children the opportunity to have key components of their OAP Behaviour Plan reviewed by a team of independent clinical reviewers. For more information on the ICR, please visit ontario.ca/autism or contactniagara.ca.

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for information about getting a diagnosis and treatment.

Psychological and Diagnostic Assessment
A psychological assessment is a comprehensive examination of many areas of an individual’s functioning. As such, it involves detailed interviewing of the person, his/her family and, when appropriate, others (e.g. teachers) in order to answer specific questions. Often the use of standardized psychological tests and naturalistic observations are also included to assist in fully understanding the person. 

A referral for a psychological assessment can be made for a variety of reasons. At ROCK, an assessment is typically requested to help yourself and others understand your child’s specific strengths and weaknesses across a variety of areas and to then use this information to decide on the next step in your child’s treatment.

Court Assessments
A court assessment may be ordered under the Young Offenders Act to assist in the disposition of a case.

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