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Our Full Client Information Package

Your Rights

• We believe that everyone receiving services at ROCK has certain rights and responsibilities. Your rights include the right to:
• Be informed of, know and understand your rights.
• Be treated with dignity, respect, honesty, and integrity.
• Be and feel safe.
• Receive safe, competent and effective services.
• Be treated fairly no matter your age, race, culture, ethnicity, sex, religion, gender identity, and/or sexual orientation.
• Be involved in decisions about the services you receive.
• To have a support person or advocate involved in your/your child’s service.
• Participate in assessment, treatment planning and the setting of treatment goals.
• Raise concerns about the quality of service.
• Inform your clinician of any complaints about your/your child’s services, and be responded to in a timely manner.
• Refuse service or refuse to have certain people involve in your service.
• Withdraw from services at any time without consequence.
• Review your child’s file with your/your child's clinician and be informed about how the information is used.
• Add information to the file that you may feel is important; and to request the correction of any factual errors in your/your child’s file.
• Have your personal health information kept private and confidential.
• To take part in or to refuse to take part in research.
• If you live in a ROCK residential program you have additional rights that are shared with you by our staff.

Your Responsibilities

• Actively participating in the services and all meetings concerning your family;
• Informing your child’s clinician if you feel our service is not providing what you/your child needs;
• Attending scheduled appointments and notifying your/your child’s clinician if you are unable to attend and/or need to change an appointment.
• Respecting the privacy of others, including their right to confidentiality, when you are involved in group services.
• Treating ROCK staff, students and volunteers with respect, dignity and safety.