ROCK is the Lead Agency for the child and youth mental health sector in Halton. We are an accredited, multi-service organization providing services to children and youth from birth to 17 years of age and their families. ROCK aims to improve the lives and relationships of families with children who are having social, emotional, and behavioural concerns. At ROCK, we provide a number of services that fall across the continuum, from prevention to intensive intervention.

Referral Options for Service Providers

Fax Electronic Referral Form

Access the referral form here.
Fax 905-681-7477, “Attention ASN.”

Partner Portal

User and password required. Request to

Call Access Line

For more information please call our Access Line at 289-266-0036.


Accept referrals from primary healthcare to children’s mental health community-based services.

Coordinated Service Planning Referral Process

Referral for Coordinated Service Planning (CSP)

Confirm Eligibility

Complete the Referral Form

Provide supporting documentation from last service coordination meeting I.e. Action Plan Template

Submit referral and supporting documentation from last service coordination meeting using provider portal

FAQ for CSP Referral

Eligibility and requirements for the CSP program include:

  • Child/Youth resides in Halton Region.
  • Child/Youth is between the ages of 0 and 18 -OR- 21 years old and younger and still enrolled in School.
  • Child/Youth is currently accessing 1 active Service or more (NOT including waiting lists, physicians, private psychologists/psychiatrists & Halton Support Services). Examples: ROCK, Woodview, HDSB/HCDSB, Erinoak Kids, Halton Children’s Aid Society and Halton Regional Police services.
  • The family has provided informed consent to submit this application and all associated information on their behalf and to move forward in registering them for service in the ROCK shared client data base.
  • The youth and caregiver have a clear understanding of Coordinated Service planning and their requirement of active participation in the coordination process.
  • The family is willing to communicate and share information and reports with all approved community supports/partners.
  • A Service Coordination meeting has occurred with the family and other providers and a clear identified goal of youth/caregiver is identified (action plan or notes from coordination meeting helpful but not required).

Goal Examples for Coordinated Service Planning

  1. Support navigating system.
  2. Community application support.
  3. Team organization.
  4. Sorting through duplication of service.

What Coordinated Service Planning is NOT

  1. Long Term Case Management.
  2. Funding Source.
  3. Clinical Support (in or out of home).

Access and Navigation will connect to set up a telephone appointment to complete a referral screener with referral source. This takes approximately 30 minutes. Screener information is used to score an assessment tool to establish the level of need of the client.

Access and Navigation will reconnect once eligibility is determined. Preference is to complete screeners with service providers if possible. Screener information is used to score an assessment tool to establish the level of need of the client.

ASN will reconnect once eligibility is determined. Please be advised that there could be a waiting time for Coordinated Service Planning. Once completed the referral will move forward to the CSP waitlist where the CSP expeditor will continue to review and touch base with referral source as needed.

To ensure that your client meets criteria for the program before making a referral, please consider calling Access and System Navigation (ASN) 289-266-0036 for more information.

A service coordination meeting must have occurred with the family and other providers. In the Action Plan, a date of the meeting must be added with a clear goal identified.

Note: The full action plan or notes from coordination meeting are helpful, but not required with the initial referral.

The ASN team can be reached at 289-266-0036. This line is live-answered Monday to Friday from 9 – 5 p.m. Please contact the team with any questions you might have, and they will be happy to assist you.

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