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Services at ROCK are private and confidential, although there are exceptions when we must, by law, release information. ROCK staff will review these limitations to confidentiality with you at the beginning of your work together.

These limitations include:
• Should we have concern that a child or youth under the age of 16 has been or is at risk of being abused, either physicallyor sexually, emotionally maltreated, or neglected (including a failure or inability of caregivers to follow through on services necessary to alleviate significant emotional or developmental difficulties), we are legally required to contact the Children’s Aid Society. For youth aged 16 or 17, we may make a report where we have a reasonable suspicion that the youth may be in need of protection.

• Should we have concern that someone is at risk for suicide or seriously threatens the safety of others, we have an ethical obligation, and a legal responsibility, to disclose information to those who would help ensure safety (e.g., police).

• Where ROCK has been court ordered to share information about a child’s service and we have had to do so.

• Should you advise us about sexual abuse or harassment by a health care provider, who is a member of a regulated profession (e.g., physician, occupational therapist, psychologist), we would be legally required to report that health care provider’s name to their College, although we will not reveal your name unless we receive written permission from you.

• Should we suspect that an older adult in a Long-Term Care or Retirement Home is being abused, neglected, or improperly treated, we are required by law to report our concerns to those who would ensure the person’s safety.

Client Files

Please be aware that the information that you share in your session(s) is kept in your child's file (also called a Health Information Record). With your informed consent, we will collect information from relevant others that is needed to provide the best service to you and to ensure good continuity of care. Client records include information relevant to health including your child’s date of birth, contact information, health history, record of your child’s visits to ROCK, contact notes, care/service plans, and written reports.

ROCK is required to limit access to a client file if it is believed that the information in the file might be harmful to someone or might place someone at risk of harm.

Information Sharing

ROCK requires a client’s and/or parent/legal guardian’s written or verbal consent before sharing or receiving information, including personal health information, with other persons outside of this agency and would discuss this with you in advance; please refer to the limitations of confidentiality.

ROCK uses a shared client information system with other Ministry of Children and Youth Services, Ministry of Community and Social Services, and Ministry of Health and Long Term Care funded agencies in Halton, including Nelson Youth Centre, the PAH! program (a partnership program between ROCK and Bob Rumball Canadian Deaf Centre of Excellence) and Community Youth Programs, Region of Halton, Central West Specialized Developmental Services, ErinoakKids and the Mississauga Halton and the Hamilton, Niagara, Haldimand, Brant Local Health Integrated Networks. Only the client’s name and address is visible at these agencies. ROCK shares de-identified information with approved external sources as required; this data may be analyzed for the purpose of research.

Every four years, ROCK is accredited and in the process your file may be reviewed. On occasion client files may be reviewed by a clinician's governing college (e.g., the college of psychologists) to ensure that appropriate processes are being followed in accordance with the standards and guidelines set out for professionals. 

If you have concerns about the collection, use, or disclosure of your/your child's personal health information, please contact our privacy officer: privacy@rockonline.ca.