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Ontario Intensive Treatment Pathway

Ontario Intensive Treatment Pathway2024-06-17T14:26:46-04:00

The child and youth mental health (CYMH) sector has recognized the critical need to develop and coordinate CYMH intensive treatment services across the province to address long standing treatment gaps in the community. To fulfill this objective, the Ministry of Health (MOH) is working with the CYMH Lead Agency Consortium (LAC), in collaboration with the Knowledge Institute on Child and Youth Mental Health and Addictions (Knowledge Institute), to co-design an Ontario Intensive Treatment Pathway (OITP). The OITP will reduce wait times for service, create consistency in treatment provision through clinical guidelines and quality standards, coordinate services and enhance intensive treatment capacity across the province.

The Opportunity

The OITP is currently seeking members for three distinct and equally important advisory tables. The tables will support the development and implementation of a new model for child and youth intensive treatment in Ontario.

The three areas of opportunity to support the OITP work focus on:

System Planning Reference

Clinical Leadership

Implementation Advisory

Please note that a parallel Indigenous process is currently taking shape. This will be an Indigenous-led process and Indigenous providers will guide the development of this independent stream of work. Any additional opportunities associated with the Indigenous-led parallel process are at the discretion of its leadership, once established.

This is an incredible opportunity for leaders and clinicians in the child and youth mental health sector to transform intensive services to better meet the needs of children, young people, and families across the province.

The success of the OITP relies on the expertise of individuals who will sit at these tables and inform this work. Their commitment and the depth and diversity of perspectives and knowledge they bring to these conversations will ensure stronger and more effective recommendations get implemented.

We Encourage All Individuals To Apply

The Timeline

Applications open on June 17. The applications will remain open until the committees have been fully populated. Beginning in July, the Steering Committee will review the applications for the committees based on needs and connect with applicants to coordinate next steps in the process. This may include reaching out to applicants to clarify elements of their application. Ideally, all OITP tables will be ready to meet in early fall.

The Commitment

All committee members are expected to have several important responsibilities, including:

  • Attend and participate in regular meetings (at least 4 per year).
  • Have 2-4 hours per month to contribute to OITP.
  • Share their knowledge, skills, experiences, and expertise.
  • Consider the perspective of others in the group.
  • Advise on key issues and provide input to support the work of the OITP.
  • Commit to a two (2) year term with the opportunity to renew once.

The OITP’s Foundational Commitments

Client and Community

  • Better health outcomes for children and young people.
  • Improved client and family experience as it relates to the intensive continuum of care and treatment.
  • Increased community confidence in the healthcare system.
  • Increased client, family and community input into treatment, strategic policy planning and evolution of intensive health services.


  • Better access to evidence, data, and tools to provide improved treatment.
  • Support to innovate and translate research into practice.
  • Capacity and capability building to help clinicians build a learning health system and deliver high quality intensive treatment.
  • Better collaboration through clinical networks and other mechanisms.
  • Increased clinician confidence and engagement.

The Health System

  • Developing a learning health system to continuously improve health care for children and young people.
  • Addressing inappropriate variation in treatment and outcomes by pursuing best practice.
  • Increased confidence in the system by clients and families as well as the community.
  • Reduction in adverse events.


  1. Committed to applying the principles and practices of equity, diversity and inclusion at every step.
  2. Recognised as a centre for excellence for child and youth intensive treatment in Ontario.
  3. Recognised as a strong multi-sectoral partner for clinical improvement and innovation.
  4. Expertise recognised and sought to influence intensive treatment / intensive mental health services design and delivery.


How is diversity, inclusion and equity reflected in the call for applications and candidate selection process?2024-06-14T13:32:57-04:00

The main way this is being addressed is through the application form itself, which seeks to understand the extent to which applicants have applied equity, diversity and inclusive policies and practices into their own work and organizations, as well as through applicant self identification.  The OITP is committed to applying an EDI lens in its work, and that begins with ensuring that the expression of interest is shared broadly to ensure that the advisory tables support diversity of perspective and knowledge to this work from the beginning. 

Who is leading the OITP?2024-06-14T13:32:57-04:00

The OITP is being jointly led by the Ministry of Health and the Lead Agency Consortium. There is a Steering Committee with representatives from MOH, LAC and the Knowledge Institute, who are currently supporting the planning stage of this work. An Executive Lead will be hired to support the OITP’s operationalization and act as a liaison between the advisory groups and interested and affected parties.

The time commitment is a monthly range of 2-4 hours. Does that include the meeting time as well as any required preparation?2024-06-14T13:32:58-04:00

Yes. Except where noted, meetings are anticipated to be between 90-120 minutes. Additional time is to review materials in advance and/or involvement in sub-group activities between meetings.

Are there other opportunities to participate in the OITP work?2024-06-14T13:32:59-04:00

As the OITP continues to evolve and take shape there will be many opportunities to participate in its development. The advisory tables are the first opportunity to participate and directly support the OITP.

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