About ROCK

ROCK is a non-profit child and youth mental health agency and has served Halton for almost 50 years. We provide an inter-professional approach to the assessment and treatment of children, youth and families in difficulty.

Who Do We Serve?

ROCK services are available for children from birth to 17 and their families. We aim to improve the lives and relationships of families with children who are having social, emotional and behavioural difficulties that put them at Risk for mental health concerns. ROCK is also involved in multiple partnership programs that provide services for Transitional Aged Youth up to the age of 25 years.

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ROCK Accomplishments Over the Years


Merged with Nelson Youth Centres

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On April 1, 2022, Nelson Youth Centres merged with ROCK Reach Out Centre for Kids to improve mental health efficiencies for all children, youth, and families in Halton Region. ROCK assumed the full responsibility for continuing to provide and operate all Nelson Youth Centres programming and services. Nelson Youth Centres’ name is maintained for continued programming and ensure its legacy lives on.

Nelson Youth Centres was initiated by the Outreach Committee of Port Nelson United Church, a youth program was developed in the 1970s. Together with Ron Coupland of the Halton Children’s Aid Society, Judge James Fuller of Halton Family Court, Burlington Regional Councillor David Coon, and others in the community, a project was designated to teach youth responsible behaviour, and to provide individual and group counselling. Since its inception, the Nelson Youth Centres has grown in response to the needs of its community.


Acquired CYP – improving access to intensive services

Community Youth Programs

Community Youth Program CYP has been committed to strong community work since 1973. ​ In February 2019, ROCK and CYP initiated a collaboration to review CYP clinical models and services. As a result, in 2021 ​the organizations entered an agreement leading ROCK to a full take-over. Both parties hoped to create a seamless coordination of live-in treatment in Halton. The new CYP was launched incorporating comprehensive assessment and consultation, individualized treatment plan with a focus on stabilization, treatment and transition to community or adult mental health services. Services are delivered by inter-professional teams, and youth who attend the program are drivers of the treatment and the duration is of stay is based on their progression.


Achieved Exemplary Status – Accreditation Canada Qmentum Program

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In December 2020, ROCK became Accredited with Exemplary Standing by Accreditation Canada, an organization who evaluates the services and supports provided by health care organizations against national standards of excellence. Achieving Exemplary Standing is a testament to ROCK’s dedication and commitment to high quality and safe services for our clients and their families.


Launch of Access and System Navigation

Access and System Navigation (ASN) was launched. ASN is a service housed at ROCK. A one point of access for children/youth/families and professionals supporting a child or youth who require information or services from a community-based mental health agency in Halton Region. ASN provides information and assists in completing assessments to determine the supports and services that meet the level of care for the child or youth.


Acquisition of Burlington Family Resource Centre (EarlyON)


Designated Lead Agency for Coordinated Service Planning in Halton

ROCK was designated Lead Agency for the Halton Coordinated Service Planning (CSP). CSP is part of the Ontario Complex Special Needs Strategy, intended to support families who are involved with multiple services. Coordinated Service Planners provide children and youth with multiple and/or complex special needs and their families with a high level of seamless and family-centred care. The Coordinated Service Planner is directly responsible for planning and coordinating child services, in collaboration with the family and other services and supports.


Acquired Danielle’s Place, Eating Disorder Support & Resource Centre

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Why We Do What We Do: Danielle’s Story

At 17 years old, my daughter Danielle was an incredible, caring, and talented teenager. She was on the verge of taking the lead role in a Sears festival play and had aspirations of attending university. Unfortunately, her life took a devastating turn one summer when she became the victim of a sexual assault. The trauma she experienced left her unable to face eating, and she rapidly lost weight, falling into the grips of anorexia.

Danielle’s Vision

A vision of compassionate and humane services for individuals suffering from eating disorders. Together, we established goals to make her vision a reality. Tragically, Danielle passed away at the young age of twenty-five on September 20, 2001. Although she is no longer with us, I have taken up her goals with the help of many remarkable individuals. You are Invited!

On behalf of Danielle, I invite you into our world — a world where your uniqueness is cherished, and where your personal journey towards a fulfilling life is no longer a lonely one!


Lead Agency

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The Ministry of Children and Youth Services (MCYS) chose ROCK as the Lead Agency for the child and youth mental health sector in the Region of Halton in August 2014. ROCK led the way in collaborating with core service provider agencies to strengthen the community-based system for delivering mental health services.