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In 2014, the Ministry of Children and Youth Services, Ministry of Community and Social Services, Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care unveiled the Ontario Special Needs Strategy initiative to improve services for children and youth with special needs. Coordinated Service Planning (CSP) is one of the initiatives in this strategy.

CSP will provide children and youth with multiple and/or complex special needs and their families with seamless and family-centred service and will provide a more intensive level of than Service Coordination so that families and children/youth with multiple and/or complex special needs will:

• Have a clear point of contact for CSP (their Coordinated Service Planner) and know who is accountable for developing and monitoring their child/youth’s Coordinated Service Plan
• Not have to repeat their stories and goals to multiple providers. This means one family, one story, one plan.
• Have a single Coordinated Service Plan that is responsive to their child/youth’s goals, strengths, and needs
• Experience a family-centred process that recognizes that each family is unique, that the family is the constant in the child/youth’s life, and that they have expertise on their child/youth’s abilities and needs
• Know that providers will be communicating with each other about the needs and goals of their child/youth

Intake Process

Part of the screening/intake process is conducting a 30-minute phone interview called the Child & Adolescent Level of Care Utilization System (CALOCUS) tool. You as the service provider, with client consent, can complete the screening call on the client’s behalf or choose to have the call completed with the client/caregiver. If you feel that you have enough information, we strongly encourage  to do the call on behalf of the family as a way to avoid the family having to repeat their story.

Service Providers can refer families directly by contacting CSP intake at 289-266-0036 or by completing the universal referral form.

CSP Referral Process
Service Coordination Action Plan

The Halton CSP Collaborative

Service providers and partner organizations, community organizations across multiple sectors, family physicians, pediatricians, and family representatives are part of an advisory committee for the Halton CSP initiative. They have worked together to define, develop and implement the goals and objectives of CSP in Halton under the Halton CSP Collaborative. ROCK is the Lead Coordinating Agency for CSP in Halton.

Community organizations across multiple sectors, school boards, provincial schools, family physicians, pediatricians, family representatives and our CSP Advisory Committee are all working together as part of the Halton CSP Collaborative to support and deliver child, youth and family-centred care across Halton.

Our Vision

A Halton Region where children and youth with special needs get the effective and quality services they need to participate fully at home, at school, in the community, and as they prepare to achieve their goals for adulthood.

Families of children and youth with multiple and/or complex special needs will experience a seamless and coordinated service planning approach in order to improve their service experience and outcomes for their child/youth. Families will feel confident that everyone involved in their child/youth’s care are working towards the same family-centred goals.

Our Mission

To create an integrated collaborative of partnerships between a broad span of Partner Organizations and District School Boards who serve children and youth with special needs.

Through the collective efforts of these community partners, we respond to the evolving needs of children and youth with multiple and/or complex special needs in our region.

Our Coordinated Service Planning Providers:

The following organizations have staff that provide Coordinated Service Planning in our community: Central West Specialized Developmental Services (CWSDS), Reach Out Centre for Kids (ROCK), or the Halton Region Children’s Services. Families involved with the MH LHIN or HNHB LHIN may be eligible to receive Coordinated Service Planning from these organizations as well.

Our Coordinated Service Planning Partner Organizations:

The below organizations/boards have signed a Memorandum of Understanding agreeing to participate in the Coordinated Service Planning process.

• Bob Rumball Canadian Centre of Excellence for the Deaf
• Conseil scolaire catholique MonAvenir
• Conseil scolaire Viamonde
• ErinoakKids Centre for Treatment and Development
• Halton Catholic District School Board
• Halton Children’s Aid Society
• Halton District School Board
• Kerry’s Place Autism Services
• Provincial Schools

Who are Coordinated Service Planners?

• Coordinated Service Planners (CSPs) encourage all the agencies involved with families to work together as a team. They support identified goals and work to ensure that a family’s needs and concerns are heard and respected.
• CSPs are knowledgeable about services and funding resources that could be beneficial for families. CSPs work on building caregiver capacity and provide advocacy for families’ needs across multiple systems.
• CSPs will make referrals/connections as new needs and potential supports are identified and/or call meetings with service providers when the family indicates that their goals have changed or that the plan needs to be adjusted.
• At a minimum, the Coordinated Service Plan will be reviewed with the child/youth and family every six months. Goals will be revisited and confirmed or revised each time the plan is reviewed.
• Some families may require more frequent updates at varying times. Plans should be updated more frequently around transitions in the child/youth’s circumstances or services, for instance, upon transition into school, high school or adulthood.

Who is eligible for CSP?

A Family’s Journey to Coordinated Service Planning - Eligibility

A Family’s Journey to Coordinated Service Planning - Steps

• Children and youth who live in Halton under the age of 18
• Young people between the ages of 18 and 21 who remain in school
• Must be connected with 2 or more services

Who benefits from CSP?

CSP is intended for families of children and youth with multiple and/or complex special needs who may be experiencing challenges in one or more of the following areas:

• Are waiting for two or more services
• Need support to navigate the system
• Are feeling overwhelmed with coordinating services and supports
• Need help coping and adapting to their child’s needs
• Are concerned about the health and well-being of other family members
• Are experiencing literacy and/or language barriers.
• Have limited social/community supports or competing demands of caregiving and employment

Who would benefit from Coordinated Service Planning (English)?
Who would benefit from Coordinated Service Planning (French)?
Who would benefit from Halton Service Coordination?

What are multiple and/or complex special needs?

Children and youth with multiple and/or complex special needs usually require services from multiple sectors and/or professionals and may experience challenges related to multiple areas of their development. They may require or need:

• Rehabilitation services
• Mental Health services
• Autism services
• Respite supports
• Physical, intellectual, emotional, social, and/or behavioural development support
• Severe physical and intellectual impairments requiring the use of technology

For more information:

Halton Coordinated Service Planning Brochure English