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Are you struggling to manage all of your child’s services? Then Coordinated Service Planning may help.

Halton Coordinated Service Planning (CSP) is a higher level of service than regular Service Coordination. CSP providers work together with you to ensure they are integrating service delivery for you and your child/youth. CSP will strive to decrease the stress your family may be experiencing and provide you with a voice in navigating and coordinating services for your child/youth.

Coordinated Service Planning is for families of children and youth with multiple and/or complex special needs who are:

• A resident of Halton
• Under the age of 18 and young people between the ages of 18 and 21 who remain in school
• Receiving two or more services

What are multiple and/or complex special needs?

Children and youth with multiple and/or complex special needs usually require services from multiple sectors and/or professionals and may experience challenges related to multiple areas of their development. They may require or need:

• Rehabilitation services
• Mental Health services
• Autism services
• Respite supports
• Physical, intellectual, emotional, social, and/or behavioural development support
• Severe physical and intellectual impairments requiring the use of technology

How will my family benefit from CSP?

CSP may help if you are experiencing challenges in one or more of the following areas:

• Are waiting for two or more services
• Need support to navigate the system
• Are feeling overwhelmed with coordinating services and supports
• Need help coping with your child’s needs
• Are concerned about the health and well-being of other family members
• Struggle with literacy and/or language barriers
• Have limited social/community supports or competing demands of caregiving and employment

CSP will provide seamless and family-centred service so that your family will:

• Have a clear point of contact for CSP and have an assigned worker
• Not have to repeat your story and goals to multiple providers
• Have a single Coordinated Service Plan that is responsive to your child/youth’s goals, strengths, and needs

How will Coordinated Service Planners support my family?

Coordinated Service Planners (CSPs) encourage all the agencies involved with your family to work together as a team. They will support you in identifying goals and work to ensure that your family’s needs and concerns are heard and respected.

CSPs are knowledgeable about services and funding resources that could be beneficial for your family. They will be an advocate for your family’s needs across multiple systems.

With CSP, you and your child/youth will be actively engaged throughout the planning, implementation, delivery, evaluation, development and monitoring of your Coordinated Service Plan.

Together, you will make informed decisions about the services and supports you receive. In family-centred service, the strengths and needs of all family members are considered and ensures young people will have a voice in the planning and delivery of their service.

Coordinated Service Planners recognize that young people may have different perspectives and priorities than their parents. That’s why:

• Family and child/youth strengths and goals are at the centre of the plan
• The priorities and beliefs of children, youth and their families are treated with dignity and respect
• Families and children/youth receive flexible, individualized service (including flexibility around meeting times, locations, and methods such as in person, over the phone, or via video conference)
• Families and children/youth have access to appropriate information about services and processes
• Families and children/youth will approve the Coordinated Service Plan
• Families and children/youth are encouraged to include their broader extended family or circle of support in the plan


To find out if you are eligible for Halton Coordinated Service Planning, please contact ROCK's Access and Service navigation at 289-266-0036.

To learn more about Coordinated Service Planning, and to see what Providers provide this level of service, please download our informational brochure: