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What do we offer?

With ABA at ROCK, each child's treatment pathway is unique.

Depending on your child’s strengths and the identified areas of need, goals may be targeted in a group, individually, or both.

Service Planning - FREE

We understand that service decisions can be overwhelming. ABA can be used to teach so many different skills. What should be focused on first? What skill is most important? What type of service is most beneficial?

Our service strives to eliminate the guesswork for families.

Our knowledgeable clinicians can assist you with these decisions.

Call today to schedule your free initial service planning consultation and find out more about our service.

Cost: FREE!

A strong assessment provides confidence that the right goals are selected at the right time for your child. All of our services begin with an assessment of your child or youth’s individual needs and strengths. The assessment includes:

  • • Interviews with parents or guardians to gather information
  • • Observations in the home or community
  • • Completion of relevant assessment tools
  • • An Introduction to ABA workshop for the parent or guardian, conducted one-on-one with a behaviour therapist
  • • Assessment Report
  • • 4-5 sessions


Cost: $898.00

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We believe that parents and guardians are a crucial important part of the treatment team. Attending our parent training workshops is an excellent way for parents to empower themselves with the knowledge and skills to help support their child.

The following workshops are offered periodically throughout the year:

  • • Introduction to ABA
  • • Emotional Regulation
  • • Healthy Sexuality


Please see our calendar for the dates, times and locations!

Cost: $100.00

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Our direct consultation and treatment service focuses on decreasing problem behaviour and/or increasing functional skills, based on the current needs and strengths of your child.

This service includes:

  • • An individualized behaviour plan focused on 1-2 goals
  • • Available in your home, our office, or community
  • • Travel within the Halton region
  • • Progress Summary Report
  • • Weekly, two-hour sessions for 12 weeks

The number of sessions per week can be customized to fit the needs of your child.

Cost: $2590.00

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Additional sessions can be purchased and added on to any of our direct service or group options as needed. Includes:

  • • Five, two-hour sessions
  • • Available in your home, our office, or community
  • • Travel within the Halton region


Cost: $879.00

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Skill development groups - Fall sessions

Skill development groups are an important part of your child’s treatment pathway. Groups provide the opportunity to learn and practice social, life and communication skills with peers in a group setting.

Our skill development groups include:

  • • Evidence-based content
  • • Individualized Behaviour Plan
  • • Instruction from skilled and experienced behaviour therapists
  • • A Progress Summary Report


We believe that creating a well-matched group of participants is essential for a successful group. The age of participants and the level of support they require are taken into account during the group planning process. Please note that our groups are capped at a 1:4 ratio.

Call us today to discuss enrolling in one of the following skill development groups:

Social Skills

Participants will learn the necessary skills needed to navigate their social world. Goals are individualized for each participant, but may include maintaining conversations, turn taking, and problem solving.

Duration: 10 sessions, 2 hours per session
Date: October 8 - December 10, 2019
Time: Tuesdays, 6:00-8:00 pm
Location: ROCK Oakville
Participants:9-13 years old, Intermediate learners

Cost: $1033.00
50% off! Now only $516.50

Working Towards Independence

Building independence both at home and in the community will build your child’s confidence as well as your own. Leisure, daily living activities and social skills will be taught and practiced in the centre or community. Goals are individualized for each participant but may include budgeting, transit, meal planning and preparation.

Duration: 10 sessions, 2 hours per session
Date: September 26 - November 28, 2019
Time: Thursdays, 6:00-8:00 pm
Location: ROCK Burlington
Participants:14-17 years old, Advanced learners

Cost: $1033.00
50% off! Now only $516.50

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Registration for fall skill development groups is now open!

Social Hangouts

Our two hour social events are an opportunity for graduates of our direct treatment and/or skill development groups to practice their social skills in a relaxed setting. Pre-registration required. Activities, snacks and fun included.

Cost: $58

"Job ready" e-module - coming soon! For ages 15 and up

Our innovative Job Ready program is a unique combination of four online, e-learning modules and in-classroom sessions.

Your child will complete each module at their own pace at home prior to attending the corresponding group session. In person sessions will include the opportunity to practice and apply key concepts with peers and experienced behaviour therapists.

The Job Ready modules are available for participants to access as many times as they wish for the duration of the 8-session program, to allow you or your child the time and flexibility to review key concepts as needed.

Topics include how to conduct a job search, how to create a resume and cover letter, how to conduct an effective interview and general workplace skills.

  • Duration: 4 e-learning modules, 4 two hour in-classroom sessions
  • Date: TBD
  • Time: TBD
  • Location: TBD
  • Participants: TBD
  • Cost: TBD
Professional consultation

Do you work in a school, group home or community agency with individuals with challenging needs? Our Professional Consultation service is designed with you in mind! The Consultation Report will provide you with a better understanding of why challenging behaviours are occurring as well as recommendations.

This package includes:

  • • Interviews and observations to gather information
  • • Completion of relevant behavioural or skill assessment tools
  • • Travel within the Halton region
  • • An Introduction to ABA workshop for staff, and/or caregivers
  • • Consultation Report
  • • 5-6 sessions


Cost: $1167.00

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Payment Details

All services and supports offered are eligible for purchase with the Childhood Budget. Payment can be made at the time of booking via Visa/MC/Cheque/ e-transfer/Online payment.