One Call, All Access for Child and Youth Mental Health

We are here to assist you in completing assessments that determine the appropriate supports and services for you, your child or youth and family. Find out how to reach us below.

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Call our Access Line

For more information about ROCK’s services or to book an appointment, please call our Access Line at 289-266-0036 from Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm.


Chatting with Quinn

Chat with Quinn by navigating to the text box below from Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm.

What to Expect at ROCK

  1. Free access to consultation, assessment and information
  2. Access to a variety of programs and services
  3. No OHIP card is required
  4. In Person appointment in our locations in the Halton Region
  5. Option for hybrid or virtual appointments
  6. Interpretation services and accommodations supports upon request
  7. Comprehensive process to assess needs for service
  8. Collaborative approach in determining services based on your needs

Accessibility Accommodations Available Upon Request

ROCK works with local agencies for interpretation, translation, and cultural brokering. We can work alongside these services and will ensure they are in place for your appointment(s). If you require information presented in an accessible format or other communication supports, we can make those available upon your request.

What is Access and System Navigation?

Access and System Navigation (ASN) is a service housed at ROCK and is the single point of access for children, youth, their families and professionals supporting a child or youth who require information or services from a community-based mental health agency in Halton Region. ASN provides information and assists in completing assessments to determine the supports and services that meet the level of care for the child or youth.

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